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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Keeping with the Christmas tradition over here I thought I’d round up all the things I love about December and pop them all into one very festive post <3 I’m sure by now you’re all feeling as Christmassy as I…


A Little Chat about Anxiety & Panic Attacks

<3 Quick disclaimer: Every persons experience with anxiety is different – this post is going to be talking about my own personal experience, and what advice I’d give someone going through a similar thing, however of course I’m not a…


Travel Diaries: NEW YORK CITY

As you may know, recently I started a travel series, where I write a little about some places I’ve ventured to, and put up some pics for you to have a nosy at. So far I’ve wrote about Dubai and Amsterdam!…


The Ultimate Dupe Collection

  Can you imagine walking in to a tiny little shop and being greeted with two full walls full of cheap dupes of your favourite make up products? Well that’s what happened to my friend Katie and I on a…