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My Staple Makeup Brushes

I can remember when I first started wearing make up it was all about the fingers, more or less everything from your foundation to your eye make up was done with your very own finger tips *shudder*. These days most of us own a collection of brushes almost as big as our make up bag!

Over the past couple of years my brush collection has grown with my make up, meaning I’ve got waaaaay more than I need, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to throw any out!

I decided to do a blog post on the brushes I actually do use every day and what I use them for as I know it can be a little tricky especially for those just starting out with make up 🙂

Now, before I start I’ll give you a little warning, 90% of these brushes are Real Techniques so if you’re not a lover of RT (why on Earth not???) this probably ain’t gonna be the post for you! Also I don’t use all of these brushes for exactly what they say on the side so forgive me, it’s just what I think works best 😀

❤Powder Brush

This brush is retailed at £10.99 and I use it for bronzer! The brush is huge which I find perfect for really bronzing up the face and it’s not too dense meaning it works well to distribute the bronzer evenly. The brush is also very soft and just like all other RT brushes it does not shed! It would also work well with loose powder to set the face after foundation.

❤Blush Brush

This RT brush is retailed at £7.99 and I use it for my powder! This brush is perfect for setting your under eye concealer due to it being so super soft and slightly tapered into a point for extra precision. The brush is not very dense and works best with loose powders when used in a sweeping motion.

❤Fan Brush

As you can probably tell this is not a Real Techniques brush, this fan brush is from a set on EBay for only £8. (I couldn’t find the exact set but it was very similar to the one linked!) I use this to highlight as the unique shape makes it perfect to apply powder highlighter just above my cheek bones and down my nose. It’s a very soft brush and feels a lot more expensive than it was, making application perfect!

❤Contour & Buffing Brush

Back to some trusty Real Techniques goodies. I’m not going to go into too much detail here about the contour brush as I wrote a detailed review not long ago here! But I will say it’s maintained a firm fave 🙂 This buffing brush came with the Core Collection set, costing £21.99 for four brushes! It is perfect for blending any kind of contour be it powder or cream into the skin as it’s not too dense but not too soft.

❤Spoolie and Slanted Brow Brush

A mixture of Real Techniques and EBay! The little RT eyebrow set was £16.79 and comes with some other goodies fab for creating the perfect brows! The big spoolie came with the eBay set. The slanted brush and spoolie takes a little getting used to due to shape but once you’ve got the hang of them they’re the perfect size to be extra precise when filling in your brows! I use the big spoolie to comb my brows before I begin and the little one once I’ve began filling them in to control any stray hairs!

❤Ecotools duo, Urban Decay Naked brushes & Zoeva 227

I admit, when doing my eye make up I often go off on a tangent and use about 10 different brushes so it was a little difficult to decide on just a few as my staples. (I cheated with the double sided brushes 😂). The Ecotools brush which I bought in a duo set for £5 is perfect as it has a soft fluffy brush on one side perfect for using in your crease and for blending and a little dense brush on the other side for applying the products to the eyelid. The UD brushes that come with the Naked palettes are great as they again have both a dense and fluffier side and they look bloody gorgeous. Lastly, my favourite brush, the Zoeva 227 is a dupe of the MAC 217 and it is the perfect blending brush. I use this brush with every single eye look and it ensures a perfectly blended look every time ❤

You may have realised I haven’t included a foundation brush, after a lot of experimenting over the years I’ve decided a sponge works best for me to get a flawless finish, my favourite being the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge retailed at £6 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to any of you looking to branch out on your brushes or for anyone just starting out 🙂

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9 thoughts on “My Staple Makeup Brushes

  1. I loved this post! I love seeing what other brush people use, I really must get my hands on a fan brush, I’m currently using RT bold metals blush brush for high light. It’s gets the job done.

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