Boyfriend Makeup Knowledge TAG

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Yesterday I was tagged by the gorgeous Hannah to complete this tag with my boyfriend! I was excited about doing it as hers was sooo funny and I was sure my boyfriend would be just as clueless as hers, you can read Hannah’s here ❤

Seeing as my boyfriend has watched me do my make up a NUMBER of times I was very curious about how much attention he actually paid and how much he actually knew about what I was putting on my face and why.

Bronzer :  “Makes your skin brown – you use it for contour don’t you?”

Blusher : “Makes your cheeks red like you’re embarrassed”

Mascara : “Makes your eyelashes longer”

Eye Liner `: “To do the wings”

Strobing : “Make up no make up make up no make up” What HAHA?

Eyeshadow : “Makes your eyelids a different colour and sparkly”

Powder : *Pats cheeks* “Gets rid of blemishes”

Foundation : “To make your skin all one tone”

Concealer : “Put it under your eyes to get rid of blemishes… conceals things”

Highlighter : “For contouring… makes your cheekbones white”

Setting Spray : “To keep your make up in place… like hairspray for your face”

Contouring : “To make your face more defined, more prominent cheekbones and a skinnier nose… and stuff”

Primer : “To make your face ready for make-up’ing”

Lip Liner : “Kylie Jenner. To make your lips bigger”

Brow Pencil : “To colour in your eyebrows and make them bigger”

Serum : “I literally don’t have a clue”

Cleanser : “Cleans your face”

Micellar Water : “A type of water… takes make up off”

Toner : “Tone your face for contouring” What’s his obsession with contouring?!

BB cream : “Put it on before you put make up on?”

Could you do my makeup the same way I do it every day? : “Not a chance… can we try”

Was this test hard? Why yes/no?  “Yes because I don’t have a clue what half of them were.”

After being pretty impressed by his answers he then went on to try my make up… this I wasn’t so impressed by… That wing 😥

 I hope you enjoyed this post! I tag Katie and Emily❤ Can’t wait to read!

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