Summer Shopping at H&M!

Hi everyone!

This post is going to be a liiiiittle different to normal but hopefully you like it!

Beauty, as in make up, is where my interest lies, but the fast approaching Summer months have inspired me to branch out a little and do a fashion style post!

I had a little trip over to H&M last week where they’ve just brought out their Summer range! ( Andhmprod it is gorgeous <3 ) So I thought I’d show you a few of the items I picked up 🙂

First, is this little black jersey skirt with a zip all the way down the front for £12.99 ! I know this isn’t the Summeriest (is that a word?) thing you’ve ever seen, but it goes so well with brightly patterned tops and can be dressed up or down!

hmprod (1)This little black body is super comfortable to wear and really thin so it’d be perfect for Summer or even with the black skirt for a night out! The criss cross style down the front is a design I love and it’s really nice and flattering for larger… or littlerhmprod (2) chests. And it’s an absolute bargain for £9.99!

Now, I had my eyes on this playsuit for a while before finally biting the bullet and buying it. It’s from the Coachella range and it’s soo Summery and pretty. I wasn’t too sure whether I’d actually wear it as I’m not going on a beach holiday this year but £12.99 I couldn’t say no!hmprod (3)

The last item of clothes I bought was another from the beautiful Coachella range! This time a little jersey crop top for £6.99! They had a few patterns of these and they’re soo perfect and easy for sunny days!

And fihmprod (4)nalllllyyy! The last thing I picked up was this gorgeous little watch for just £12.99! The faux brown leather plaited strap is so nice and summery and looks gorgeous with any outfit!

I’m so excited to get paid and go for another little Summer shop! Please let me know in the comments if you liked this different style post <3


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