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Revlon Matte Liquid Lipstick Review


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FLIRTATION: The lighter shade of the two I bought

Ahh this is a post I’ve wanted to do for ages but I’ve just not found the time with the amount of uni work I’ve had!

I’ve got a number of different post idea’s in my drafts but I decided to ignore them all and go ahead and do one on what is possibly my new favourite lip product at the moment!

Everyone knows that the evolution of the ‘matte liquid lipsticks’ is well upon us, with MAC’s new range and the Kylie Jenner Lipkits you’re looking at spending at least £20 for a decent one… well that’s what I thought anyway.

Until I spotted the Revlon Ultra HD matte lipcolour in Superdrug. I spent (no word of a lie) about 15 minutes swatching them (in the middle of Superdrug) and I eventually decided I couldn’t make my mind up between two shades… so I got both, why not? 🙂

The lipsticks come in 8 different shades, from pink to nude to purple to red and they have a gorgeous velvet finish, not completely matte which I think is perfect as it doesn’t dry your lips out – and that’s coming from someone who was terribly dry lips! 😦

The two shades I went for were Flirtation and Obsession. Flirtation is a gorgeous pink/peach shade which is perfect for day to day aswell as a night out and Obsession is a much more purple/deep pink shade which I tend to save for night time make up looks!

The lipsticks stay on soooo well and are really easy to apply without even having to line your lips beforehand. The only negative I’ve found with the product is that the darker shade smudges quite easily (but that might be because I only ever wear this one when I go out… therefore alcohol is involved!). But other than that they are the perfect budget liquid lipstick and you can’t go wrong with the minimal price tag!

The next lip product I’m desperate to try the NYX liquid lipsticks, let me know if you’ve tried them in the comments ❤

Happy shopping!

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