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My Lipstick Obsession

IMG_2648 - Edited.png
MAC: Velvet Teddy
IMG_2647 - Edited
NUDES: (L-R) Twig, Taupe

Ahhh I’ve finally decided to do a post on lipstick! My all time favourite make up product.

I think for me, lipstick is the third most important thing I put on my face! First being foundation… second filling my brows in… and then lippy!

Although it’s my third most important, it’s certainly without a shadow of a doubt my favourite thing to buy. I can literally stand in front of a MAC counter for half an hour in my absolute element.

(I also can’t deny that I end up leaving looking like a toddler has had whale of a time colouring in the back of my hand every time!)

Now, for me MAC Lipstick is my all time favourite. Coming in at £15 may sound kinda steep but I think they are hands down worth it.

They come in hundreds of shades and finishes, from satin to silk to matte and from nude to pink to purples, I guarantee they’ll have a shade for you.

Although I would love to talk about my ever-growing MAC Lipstick collection I won’t bore you (I’ll save it for another day…and blogpost!).

Instead I’m going to talk about one of my favourite nudes… Velvet Teddy.

VELVET TEDDY: Kylie Jenner supposedly wearing the nude lipstick on instagram

Kylie Jenner made this matte lipstick so popular when she claimed it to be one of her favourites to successfully nail the full, luscious lips look.

Being matte this shade can be a little drying on the lips however coming from someone who suffers from the worst dry lips ever ( 😦 ) don’t let it put you off!

As long as you apply a little balm to the lips before applying you’ll still manage to achieve that gorgeous matte look without your lips flaking off in the process!

If you’re reading this and thinking you want a nude lippy but you don’t want to shell out £15 for one (totally understandable) I recommend Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection. At just over a fiver you can’t go wrong!

They have a variety of very creamy pigmented nudes to reds to darks and they boast an up to 8 hour lasting power!

A personal fave of mine is Shade 103 which is a gorgeous pinky shade (similar to Brave by Mac but with a little more pink, perfect for the upcoming Spring months)!

I hope you enjoyed this little post! I am making it my aim to delve more into the world of high street lipsticks and the Kate Moss collection by Rimmel is certainly somewhere I will start!

Let me know in the comments your fave MAC lipstick or if you have any other highstreet recommendations other than Kate Moss! 🙂

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