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BATTLE OF THE HIGHLIGHTERS: Two high end one high street




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With Winter coming to an end and the sunny months ahead of us (if you can call it that in England) I think that a whole new make up look can be re-born. It’s time to put away your dark purple and red lipsticks and dust off your shimmery highlighters.

Despite the fact it’s snowing outside as I write this… it’s time to embrace the inner spring and summer inside of us and be a bit braver with our make up.

One staple piece of make up that I think everyone needs over the coming lighter seasons is a good highlighter (or illuminator).

Whether it be a powder, stick, or liquid, you can’t go wrong with even just a touch of shimmer when the light catches your face… especially when placed strategically on the cheek and brow bone.

I must admit I’m a sucker for a powder highlighter, but before my love for these developed I did delve into the liquid highlighter world and treated myself to a couple…


NARS: Iluminator in shade Copacabana

Firstly, I purchased the much raved about NARS illuminator in the shade ‘Copacabana’ which is a pink based silvery shimmery tone.

Being a high end product this came in at a pricey £23 and I admit I was stupid enough to purchase without even testing.

Unfortunately I regretted this when the product arrived and I was hugely disappointed.

The thing I hadn’t really thought properly about was just how intense liquid highlighters are and this definitely became apparent the minute I applied the illuminator over my foundation.

Although the colour was beautiful it stood out massively and didn’t compliment my skintone.

If you want to try this product out for yourself you can purchase it Here!

This didn’t stop me though, I was still desperate to find a liquid highlighter that I liked and I wasn’t going to let one bad experience taint my view on all liquid products.

A month or two later, £23 down and extremely apprehensive I opted for Benefit High Beam, in a tester size (See.. I’m learning!)

High Beam is again a pink toned highlighter and comes in what looks like a


HIGH BEAM: 4ml tester pot

little nail varnish pot.

Again… I was left disappointed. The highlighter didn’t blend very well into my foundation  and it stood out like a sore thumb on my cheeks.

Thankfully I didn’t pay the full £19.50 for this product but I was certainly close had I not came across the tester pot!

If liquid highlighters are your thing and you can blend them a little better than myself you can purchase this product here!

Now… on to the start of something beautiful. My love for powder highlighters.

I admit I was skeptical at first of using a powder highlighter as I thought it would just blend in to my bronzer and face powder and not give the shimmery sparkly light-hitting-your-face look that I so much desired.

But then I tried MUA Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter. I mean… purchasing this product for £3 I wasn’t exactly gambling much, and i certainly wasn’t expecting much.


MUA: Bargain powder highlighter

Oh how wrong I was! This highlighter has became my all time favourite highlighter!

It looks beautiful for a night out above your contour or can be blended nicely and subtly on to your cheek bone for a day to day look.

At last I had found my perfect highlighter in the form of a powder! Who would have known it?! Especially not a £3 powder!

You can purchase this powder here!

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments your favourite highlighters, I’d love to try something new!




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